Notable NPCs

Barton’s Cove

Barton’s Cove Map
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Name Description (Race & Sex/Age/ Misc.)
Blaine Marx HM 25 Barbor/Physician; Collin’s brother.
“Bright” Bart Caldwell HM 39 Bright Bart’s Lamps and Torches Owner.
Butch HM 45 Butch’s Famous Cuts Owner, Butcher.
Butch Jr. HM 24 Butch & Helga’s Son, Butcher.
Calista HalfEF 19 Acolyte of Father Thomas.
Cantis Rathbone HM 40 Deceased. Dickmyer’s Apprentice/ Town Steward. Plotted against Dickmyer and Barton’s Cove. Rathbone was struck down by the group.
Carver HalfEM 40 Deceased. Carver’s Wood Owner, Carpenter/Cooper; Friend to Helkaar the druid. Murdered by Cantis Rathbone and impersonated by the doppelganger.
Collin Marx HM 22 Kelvin’s Assistant; Blaine’s brother.
Craig HalfEM 18 Carver’s Son; New Carver’s Wood Owner.
Daniel Strum HM 30 Bit and Bridle Owner, Horsemaster.
Elwood Snips HalfEM 30 Phillips’ Deputy.
Father Thomas HM 35 Cleric of Gozreh (Worship services are held on the docks). Raised Pinky from the dead and cured Zot’s feeblemindedness.
Gretchin Simms HF 49 Town Hall Attendant.
Helga HF 45 Butch’s Wife, Butcher.
Kelvin Hart HOrcM 41 Barton’s Anvil Owner, Blacksmith.
Lord Dickmyer HM 443 Deceased. Town Founder/ Advisor. Finally laid to rest by Bram, Kaan, and Zot now that Morzaad is at last destroyed.
Magistrate Phillips HM 44 Town Magistrate.
Monty HM 18 Acolyte of Father Thomas.
Mortimer Grimes HM 43 Cemetery Groundskeeper.
Roystwick Tharrus HalfEM 76 Arcanum owner.
Simon Phelps HM 30 Phillips’ Deputy.
Theodore HM 14 Keep Page.
Tucker Fink HalfEM 38 Archer’s Haven Owner, Bowyer/Fletcher.
William Crowley HM 32 Deputy/ Guard Captain.

(More to come!- Left off @ Cove Auction)


Eastbrook Map

Name Description (Race & Sex/Age/ Misc.)
Caleb Turner HM 33 Owner/ operator of the General Store.
Dale Morton HM 26 Deputy; Acting Constable.
Doris Thomas HF 47 Village Baker; Harvey’s mother.
Elaina HF 17 Innkeeper; Her father was killed during the event now known as the week of the devil; Very favorable to the PC’s and the Oracle (Sadie).
Farmer Ganders HM 39 Deceased. Ganders was suspected of dabbling in black magic. He and his family were killed during the Week of the Devil.
Farmer Weston HM 47 Rival of Ganders; Has had property and cattle disputes over the years.
Father Douglas HM 36 Village priest; He too is from another place, but is now renewed with the power of Sarenrae.
Former Constable Richards HM 33 Despite his cowardice during the Week of the Devil, Richards has become a new man following his visit to the Pinnacle of Creation.
Harvey Thomas HM 28 Deceased. Appointed Constable after Richards’ resignation, Harvey was killed during the Bone Elf sacking of Eastbrook.
Higgins HM 53 Town handy man and grave digger; known to be perverted and mentally unstable.
Nelson Hutchins HM 40 Butcher.
Oracle (Sadie) ?F ? Lives north of Eastbrook on an isle on the lake in a hut with chickens, crows and other critters; Now trusted by most villagers; Appears to be only a child (about 10); Wears rags and a veil.
Rachel Staton HF 36 Village Tanner/ Leather worker; Has taken a liking to Kaan (especially after the sex).
Thad Fletcher HM 23 Bowyer/ Fletcher.
William Smith HM 36 Deceased; Former Blacksmith.


Name Description (Race & Sex/Age/ Misc.)
Tassara EF 72 Ranger of Estryvaar; Very formal… and attractive. Sent the party to Barton’s Cove to investigate strange happenings.

Notable NPCs

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