Winter's Fury

Guardian of the North

weapon (melee)

Frost sword


In ages past, the Forbidden North was torn by war. Barbarian tribes clashed with great fury, each vying for rights to hunt and forage the land for resources. After years of bloodshed the tribes were forced to unite under the threat of a new and powerful enemy.
The great red wyrm Hellmaw, fleeing her more powerful enemies to the south, took a dormant volcano in Gozreh’s Brow as her lair and quickly imposed her dominion over the weaker white dragons of the region. Anxious to add to her depleted treasure hoard, Hellmaw set her minions on the barbarian tribes of the north. The hero Solbran rose from the ranks of the barbarian hordes, leading his people to victory over the white wyrmlings sent to destroy them.
Word of the warrior’s deeds spread across the land, emboldening his fellow northmen and demoralizing Hellmaw’s underlings. In a fit of rage, the dragon ordered her lietentants, ten ancient frost wyrms, to seek out this icon of the people and destroy him by any means necessary. The shaman Alwan dreamed the coming of the “white death” and sent word to Solbran. Desperate, he climbed to the Pinnacle of Creation and swore a blood oath to the gods. If they would grant him the power to topple this tyrannical fire drake he would surrender his soul, forfeit his glorious afterlife, and become a servant onto the land for all eternity. In response, the gods sent forth a messenger to relay their wishes to him.
“Take up your sword, mighty Solbran. Defeat the ten white devils sent to break you. Only then will your power, and your legend, be powerful enough to rip these lands from the clutches of Hellmaw and serve as their protector for all time.” Solbran saluted and left the revered mountain, determined to slay the ten.
He met them on the frozen lake just south of the Pinnacle. In an epic battle, Solbran, empowered by the gods, single-handedly killed all ten lietenants. As the last of them died, their combined power flowed into him, merging with his soul and with his steel. Triumphantly, the hero entered the lair of Hellmaw herself and faced the great wyrm. Wielding the awesome power of winter itself, he slew the red dragon, snuffing out her flame forever, but suffered mortal wounds in the act. As he died, Solbran thanked the gods and knelt down, offering his soul to them. They accepted his spirit, pulling it free from his body, but did not keep it as their own. Instead, the essence of Solbran was placed into his already powerful greatsword, infusing the weapon with the barbarian’s ferocity and the primal might of winter. Thus, Winter’s Fury was born.

Winter's Fury

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