Visions of Glory

The Fog of War

The companions fend off a frost giant assault on Osrik's settlement and seek out Jarl Woden for answers.

Zot, Buferd, Phenwick and Kaan fortified King Osrik’s “fortress” in anticipation of the coming assault. Through the wind and snow they witnessed the approach of the Norse giants, and squad consisting of at least twenty five towering warriors. Beyond them, a massive sled pulled by two polar bears and sporting a deadly ballista was set and readied. As the giants came forward, Phen, in the form of an air elemental, flew above the wall and used his nature magic to enlarge and control the plant life beneath the snow, slowing the momentum of his enemies. Zot, invisible and flying as well, cast a signature spell, conjuring enormous, writhing black tentacles, restraining several giants and further slowing the rest. The giants reached the wall and the onslaught began. Zot rained fire and lightning down upon the intruders, Phen turned the squad’s beasts of burden against them, summoned natural allies to join the fight, and threw serpents of fire at the mass while Buferd called on the power of Torag to heal the wounded and smite the marauders. After a grueling battle, the king was defended, though at a terrible cost.

Following the assault, the companions decided to pay Woden a visit, hoping to come to a diplomatic solution after their show of strength. However, as they set out they came upon a very young frost giant scavenging the battlefield of the previous night. He claimed that the raiding party was a group of refugees and that Woden had gone mad, killing and enslaving his own people. After burying his father, the group sent the young man on his way and took the giants’ magical sled to Woden’s fortress town, encountering a number of frost giants on the way with strange purple worms attached to their necks. As they traveled, the friends also noted something fierce in the sky killing white dragons and searing the surface with magma.

The party made it to the icy walls of the village and, using Winter’s Fury, Kaan created a passage inside. They found the town mostly abandoned and silent, but the slaves in the mines were still going strong. Inside the central longhouse they found a quartet of cultists surrounding a large pearl-like sphere on a dragon claw pedestal, chanting. On a throne behind them sat Jarl Woden, overseeing the ritual. The companions entered and did battle with their enemies, laying waste to the cultists and taking a brutal beating from Woden and his corrupted magic. As they moved to threaten him the Jarl vanished, teleporting from the combat.

Examining the dead cultists, the adventurers found that they too had purple worms attached to their necks, but Zot took an immediate interest in the sphere. As he touched it, the sorcerer was compelled to aid the spirit that occupied the globe and he warned the others to leave as something massive approached from above. Never willing to leave an ally to his death, Kaan restrained Zot and Phen bagged the sphere and replaced it on the pedestal. As he did, an enormous white claw shattered the top of the structure, grasped the globe, and took flight.

Exiting the longhouse, the group noted a commotion outside and watched in horror as Baron Fell (accompanied by the mysterious green mist that Kaan and Zot had seen previously) appeared before Jarl Woden, proclaimed him a failure, and gutted the giant king before leaving.

From there, the party explored the caverns, freeing the slaves they found there. They informed the group that they were hard at work looking for a heart-shaped jewel for the giants and also warned them about a near-by cavern that housed the strange purple worms, including one of immeasurable size that stalked the place. The slaves also informed their rescuers that the mountain itself, as well as the terror that prowled the skies, were brothers of Baron Fell and he, himself, was seeking the jewel. Investigating further, they found the gem encased in ice. Between Winter’s Fury and Zot and Phen’s magic the friend were able to extract it. The mountain shook and the gem warned them that should it be destroyed, his brother would destroy them. The companions exchanged glances, shrugged, and Kaan lifted Winter’s Fury. The artifact shattered the heart. The mountain shook. And it collapsed upon them.



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