Visions of Glory

Champaign Chronicle

Campaign Overview Thus Far

Following Zot’s untimely prank, and a brief journey through time, the group has landed in a foreign realm known as Kaeyden. Bram Deathstalker and Kaan of the Elk Tribe landed first, arriving outside of the village Eastbrook. There, the pair uncovered an unholy plot masterminded by an evil outsider (Jameson) to destroy the townsfolk and absorb their souls in an effort to strike down his benevolent counterpart, the oracle Sadie. With the oracle’s help, Bram and Kaan thwarted Jameson’s vile scheme and saved Eastbrook from certain doom. During the celebration that followed, Zot the Sorcerer materialized on the plane and rejoined his fellows.

During his time on Kaeyden Bram had come to notice that his divine powers were waning and sought advice from the village priest, Father Douglas, and the oracle. Douglas shared that his own powers were all but gone and Sadie suggested that the faithful journey to the Pinnacle of Creation to forge a bond with a diety of this realm. With the aid of former Constable Richards (wishing to atone for his cowardice during the tragic events of the past week), the group set out to reach the Pinnacle. During their trek Reaper Thorn and a group of bone elves intercepted the party, warning them to halt their advance and be gone from their plane as they have disrupted the flow of fate (specifically their intervention at Eastbrook). Discounting the warning, the group continued northward, skirmishing with the bone elves along the way.

At the edge of the mountains they encountered Cobble Stonebender, a servant of Moradin that has offered the party a helping hand several times in the past. During their stay in his dimension-defying hut/ forge, the crew learned that the world they once knew is i dire peril. The gods of their former realm were losing their power and Moradin guided them here, where they might be of some use other than martyrdom. The following morning, Cobble bid them farewell and the adventurers continued into the Gozreh’s Brow mountains.

After a day of travel they came upon a vast frozen lake sporting an intensely blue-glowing greatsword thrust into its center. Zot moved to inspect the item and an echoing voice called out to them.

“Finally, a hero has come forth to claim this legendary blade. Let us see if you can earn the right to wield Winter’s Fury.”

Fog engulfed the Zot and the sword as a hulking white dragon burst up from the ice to challenge the party. In an epic battle, Bram, Kaan and Zot overcame the beast and claimed Winter’s Fury for their own.

A day later the group climbed the Pinnacle and Bram and Douglas were able to connect with new gods (Torag and Sarenrae respectively). Their relief was short-lived, however, as Reaper Thorn attempted to destroy them there and then. However, the divine power of the Pinnacle protects all upon it from harm and neither party was able to harm the other. Thorn grinned as he offered his adversaries the knowledge that Eastbrook burned as they spoke before transforming to mist and flying off. With his renewed power, Father Douglas was able to instantly transport the group to his temple where most of the town was assembled. Bram, Kaan and Zot rushed outside to face the invading bone elves that Sadie had been keeping at bay with a wall of thorns. In short order they were able to slay the bone elf commanders and send those left alive fleeing from their surrogate home.

Bent on justice and vengeance, the three set upon the Ruins of Deathwatch and faced Reaper Thorn and his minions down, laying the bone elf leader low and burning his keep. The following weeks were spent rebuilding Eastbrook. During the reconstruction a visitor came calling for the heroes. Tassara, a representative of the elven city of Estyvaar, offered an agreement: Estryvaar would provide patrols for the village if Bram, Kaan and Zot would look into a matter that the elves could not. A druid had apparently gone mad, wrecking havoc on the peaceful fishing village of Barton’s Cove where the elder of Estryvaar’s nephew (Carver) lived and worked. Conceding the agreement, the three traveled to the Cove to investigate.



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